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Secure and compliant payments are at the heart of PriceBlocs, and to enable this we use Stripe.

Stripe is an industry leader for online payments, used by millions of startups to Fortune 500s.

By using Stripe, PriceBlocs and its members can meet the latest regulatory and compliance requirements for payment processing.

Key Benefits

Global payments is a constantly evolving landscape of regulatory and compliance requirements. Stripe is a leader in actively updating its platform to meet these requirements, so that connected accounts can have peace of mind that their payments are being handled appropriately.

Some key Stripe benefits include:

  • PCI DSS compliance Level 1 certification.
  • Money Transmitter Licenses across US.
  • PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant.

Secure Hosted Checkout

When clicked, each PriceBlocs payment link will initialize a secure checkout session, on a page hosted by Stripe, so you dont have to.

All you need is a single payment link to start accepting payments.

Checkout preview

To see an example of checkout, like the one above, you can use this test link.

Test links can be paid for using the test payment details listed below. This allows you to experience the full checkout flow without using any real money.

-- Test payment details to use --
cc: 4242 4242 4242 4242
cvc: 123
mm/yy: any future date


Stripe checkout:

  • Is optimized for mobile
  • Has real time card validation
  • Has address autocompletion
  • Supports over 25 languages


You can also control your checkout experience by setting your brand colors and logo to make it consistent with your business.

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