Tax Rates

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Most global jurisdictions require that one or more taxes be collected / allocated from a sale.

To apply one or more tax rates to sales made through PriceBlocs, you can create and attach them to your payment links via the link builder.

Link builder with tax rates

You can see a test example of a payment link with a tax rate applied here.


Each tax rate can be given values for

  • Percentage rate
  • Type - inclusive vs exclusive
  • Display name
  • Description (optional)
  • Jurisdiction (optional)

Inclusive vs Exclusive

Tax rates have two types, they will be either:

  • Inclusive - tax is already included in total price
  • Exclusive - tax is added on to the total price

Here's an additional breakdown:

Inclusive tax is part of the price. For example, if the price is \$600 and you set an inclusive tax rate of 10%, the invoice total will still be €600. Exclusive tax is applied on top of the price. An exclusive tax rate of 10% on a €600 price will result in an invoice total of €660.

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